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Saudi Carbonate Company Ltd. understands the importance of sustainability; in supply chain, logistics, and continuing operation. This is reflected in how we:
•    Source sustainable materials and look for ethical suppliers
•    Work with local community where appropriate
•    Manufacture energy-efficient products while minimizing waste during our production cycles.
In essence, we ensure that our products meet environmental standards.
Quality Assurance & Control
Our Quality Control procedures, adopting the latest technological advancements, ensure continual flow of quality products to our clientele's manufacturing sites.
Being part of a global group, we enjoy the leisure of coordinating and utilizing the extensive research facilities offered at our sister companies' Laboratories and Research Centers: JCC & Omya, who keep on developing environmental-friendly products which help preserving our clientele machinery by minimizing wear & tear, while boosting their efficiencies.

Our Labs

In tandem with industry norms and standards, as well as standards set by our sister companies, our laboratories are well equipped and our apparatus are well maintained to perform required physical and chemical tests.