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Treated Calcium Carbonate (Coated)

Treated (Coated) Calcium Carbonate

As GCC (above) and coated with Stearic Acid which serves as an additive in plastic compounds. CaCO3 helps decrease surface energy and provides opacity and surface gloss, which improves surface finish. In addition, when the particle size is carefully controlled, CaCO3 helps increase both impact strength and flexural modulus (stiffness). Treated (Coated) Calcium Carbonate is available in various grades and sizes and packed in 25Kg Paper Bags, 1000Kg Jumbo Bags - bulkers can be arranged if requested.

Treated Calcium Carbonate is primarily used in the following industries and applications:

  • Paints: Interior & Exterior Paints, Oil and Synthetic Resins & Primers
  • Plastics: Plasticized PVC Extrusion Process, PVC Foam, Polyurethane, Supported and Unsupported Vinyl Film Sheeting, and others.